I make noise. I am noisy.

I aim for all of my art to be a truthful expression of my worldview, which is based in the belief that we are all united by one Creator who determined I would be a noisy creation and has made a way for us to all live purposeful lives of love and service. As a musician, I understand the power of noise and sound. I find it easy to collaborate and communicate with others through this medium and am deeply grateful for the ability to freely create and serve in this way.

My work never starts with a musical idea, but is rather inspired by a message or situation, most often by the duality within. I find inspiration in the trials and tribulations of my story and the stories of my fellow human beings. I am compelled to absorb the ups, downs, rights, and wrongs of life and living. From there I am able to turn the rhythm and pulse of that inspiration into a noisy, imposing story that equally expresses pain and pleasure. I hope to always carry deep respect for every story, history, and culture. I hope to continue to find new ways within music and all art to connect with my fellow human beings and to communicate the stories often and rarely told.

Below is a selection of records I’ve been a part of. More on my BandCamp and SoundCloud.

Blank GenerationDoor No. 1, April 2016
(Percussion, Vocals, Songwriter)
“How To Survive August,” August 2016
(Percussion, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer)
AG + Alexis Coleman, “Fly,” July 2016
(Percussion, Keys, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer)
AG + Hearskra-z + Fallout, “What You Got,” February 2016
(Percussion, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer)
AG & Rod Wisdom, “Rise Above It,” December 2015
(Drumset, Vocals, Keys, Percussion, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer)
AG & Hearskra-z, “Maybe,” July 2015
(Drumset, Vocals, Keys, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer)
FarFetched, Prologue V, “Borrowed Time” (Blank Generation), January 2016
(Drumset, Vocals)
Rev. Sekou & The Holy Ghost, The Revolution Has Come, January 2016
Illphonics, Live-Unplugged, October 2014
Illphonics, iLLPHONiCS, July 2013
Pete Ayres Band, Pete Ayres Band EP, April 2013
(Drumset, Percussion)
Check out the album on iTunes
Standing Sleep, “Urban Angel (w/ Helen Marie),” March 2013
(Drumset, Songwriter, Engineer)
Jonezy, Soar Thumbs, November 2012
(Drumset, Percussion, Keys, Engineer, Executive Producer)
Pete Ayres Band, “High and Dry,” October 2011
(Drumset, Engineer, Producer)
S Five, S Five, June 2011
(Drumset, Percussion, Vocals, Keys, Songwriter, Engineer, Producer)

I’m grateful to work with a variety of talented and creative artists and bands in St. Louis ranging from hip-hop to jazz to R&B to gospel. Here is a list of most of the artists and bands I’ve worked with on the stage and in the studio:The Far Fetched Collective,  Mathias & The Pirates,Blank Generation, Hearskra-Z, Pete AyresiLLPHONiCS, Alexis Coleman, Pacia Elaine, Loren DNatural BridgeScrub, Rev. Sekou & The Holy GhostThelonius Kryptonite, Kenny DeShields, Beth Tuttle,Scripts n Screwz, JonezyDJ Kase OneDJ Nune, Bryan & LolaDJ Stan Da Man, S FiveFallout, Lamar Harris, Reverend Sekou & The Holy Ghost, Lliam ChristySandy Weltman, Doorway, Corey Black, Lyfe Stile, Jon Ellison, Dave Black, Andrew Miramonti, The Samson Mengsteab Trio, Saxifrage, The Natty Jazz Toneheads, Camila, Phil Strangman, The Faithfull Underground, The Chupacabras, Kingdom Brothers, Thayne Bradford.